We all want to stay blissful and balanced during the busy holiday season – but, of course, this is much easier said than done. From traveling to gift-buying to eating way too much, holiday stress can come from a variety of directions – making this time of year far from cheery and bright.

To help you navigate the craziness of the peak holiday season, BlissTree offers some great tips for getting (and staying!) Zen this time of year: Mindful Ways To De-Stress And Get Zen Over the Holidays. So settle in with a cup of tea, read through their advice – and hopefully start to feel the holiday stress slip away.

If you feel that the seasonal stress has already started to affect your skin, read our recent blog post on Winter Breakouts.

… And feel free to add your own tips in the “comments” section below! How do you stay calm and stress-free (or as close to it as possible) during the holidays?

By Liana Orenstein