While the Equinox has passed and the days are technically getting longer, there’s no doubt about it – we’re still in the very midst of winter. These are the days when it becomes a bit harder to spend time outdoors; it’s cold out there, and so very warm and cozy in our homes!

If you’re feeling a bit stir crazy these days, or maybe lacking in fresh air, you may want to step outside more often – or try bringing the outdoors to you! The following design ideas and tips offer great ways to draw the beauty of the great outdoors into the warmth and comfort of your home:

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If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest, you  may already know that Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus Trees are all the rage these days. The dramatic, architectural shape has made this house plant the darling of the interior décor world – and the tree’s hardy nature makes it an easy one to grow and maintain. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, you should be able to keep this one from turning brown; simply place it in a sunny spot, and let its leafy splendor add some natural beauty to your home. The Southern Hospitality blog has got a great round-up of ideas and examples.

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Don’t have the space or inclination to deal with an entire tree? Don’t worry – You can create a similar effect with leafy branches in a vase, strategically placed in a room. This modern, minimalist alternative to a bouquet of colorful flowers is at once rustic and sophisticated – and what’s more, it can easily be swapped out for something else whenever the mood strikes! Try making it seasonal: a branch of blooming buds in the spring, green leaves in summer, red and orange in the fall, and evergreen branches (or even bare twigs) in the winter.

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If you’d looking for something a bit more hands-on, check out this list of indoor gardening ideas from Lonny Magazine. We particularly love the use of mis-matched containers clustered together, which creates a bohemian effect perfectly suited to lush and wild plants. You could take the same idea and use it for an indoor herb garden, or stick to cacti and/or succulents for a more low-maintenance option. Depending upon the space and light you have available, the opportunities here are endless.

IndoorGarden3Source: Surf & Sunshine

As space-effective as it gets, a vertical garden is perfect for a smaller house or apartment. It will take a little more time and materials to make and maintain than a traditional flower pot arrangement, but the “wow!” factor will surely make it worth it. A fragrant vertical herb garden is the ultimate piece of living art to hang near your kitchen or dining room table – and it doubles as a year-round source for fresh herbs! For examples, see Surf & Sunshine.

moss_rocks_moss_acresSource: The Rainforest Garden

The Rainforest Garden offers other fantastic ideas to bring the outdoors in, using unconventional plants and materials. Tropical foliage, seashells and a coral motif make an unexpectedly exotic interior garden or centerpiece. Recreate the look to make your living room feel like a relaxed island getaway… Who doesn’t dream of being on vacation this time of year?

Still wary of the idea of trying to keep something alive in your home? You could always go the route of a realistic mural or textile. These gorgeous murals will breathe new life into any room, while this lovely throw pillow places a piece of the forest right onto your favorite arm chair.

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Do any of these ideas speak to you? How do you bring a bit of nature’s beauty into your home? We’d love to hear from you all in the “comments” section below!

By Liana Orenstein