Brrr… Are you as cold as we are today at MyChelle‘s Colorado headquarters? The weather has taken another turn, and we all find ourselves reaching for our thickest winter layers – and for the comfort foods sure to warm us from the inside out.

To help you fend off the seasonal chill where you live, we’ve got some delicious cold-weather recipes for every meal of the day. Try them out this weekend, and let us know what you think!


Overnight Apple Butter Oatmeal, Henry Happened
To kick off a frosty winter morning in the sweetest and warmest way, you’ll want to start preparing this breakfast treat the time before. The recipe is actually two in one: Slow Cooker Apple Butter (which would be just as tasty spread on bread or mixed into yogurt) and Overnight Oatmeal. Combine the two, and you’ve got a tasty, filling and healthy breakfast! (PS: Homemade apple butter also makes a wonderful last-minute DIY Christmas present.)


Masala Chai, The Local Rose
Why not pair your apple oatmeal with a cup of sweet and spicy homemade Chai tea? The coffeehouse staple is easier to recreate than you might think – as long as you’ve got a specialty spice store nearby. This recipe makes a perfectly balanced Chai – and the resulting spice blend will keep indefinitely, so it’s great to make in a big batch and then keep on hand in the pantry (or gift to a friend!) for any time you need a winter pick-me-up.


Cheese Crisps, Wasabi Prime
This time of year, we typically see a lot of soup and stew recipes – but what’s a savory soup without a side of crispy crackers? This surprisingly easy recipe makes two dozen crispy cheese crackers, flavored with Parmesan and fresh rosemary. A dash of turmeric adds color and nutritional benefits, and cayenne pepper kicks everything up a notch! Pair a few with your favorite bowl of chicken noodle or navy bean – or serve these as an appetizer at your next holiday party or gathering.


Sweet Potato Risotto, Cake ‘n’ Knife
A seasonal spin on a classic risotto, this version is the perfect thing to whip up when you’re craving a warm and hearty winter meal. Risotto does take some time to prepare, but the results are worth it: Creamy, savory, complex – this dish is everything you could want in a comfort food, and it provides an unexpected departure from the traditional sweet potato dishes (ie. casseroles topped with marshmallows) that we see so much of this time of year.


Chestnut Rice, Just One Cookbook
Looking for something a bit more exotic? This fragrant rice dish may not be something you’ve tried before, but it’s actually quite popular in Japan this time of year. It pairs fluffy white rice with chestnuts (one of our favorite seasonal delicacies!) for a sweet-yet-savory side dish or vegetarian main course. Sprinkle with salt and sesame seeds, and you may just have one of your new wintertime staples.


Grown-Up Hot Chocolate, the roaming kitchen
… And now, for dessert! While we’ve all had our share of hot chocolate over the years, this one really ups the ante with all high-quality ingredients: 70% dark chocolate, real vanilla extract – and dark rum, to make it even more “grown-up” and indulgent (it is the holidays, after all!) The result is as sweet and decadent as you’d expect – and we think it would be pretty difficult to stay cold while sipping a cup. Pair it with a cozy scarf and a nearby fire, and you’ve got the perfect ending to a chilly winter’s day.

What do you like to make (and eat) this time of year? Are there any favorite recipes that you turn to when the weather takes a turn? Please share with us in the “comments” section below – and stay warm, everyone!

By Liana Orenstein