It is Spring time. Yes, that makes most of us think of Spring cleaning. That may seem refreshing to some and daunting to others. For me, I find it a bit of both. This year I am taking a different approach. If it seems daunting then I need to make it enticing.

That isn’t alway easy. But Pinterest has made this a possibility!

Here are 5 spring cleaning tasks that I feel need to be addressed…

…And Pinterest gave me just the dose of motivation I was looking for!

My entry way is forever getting sprinkled with pinks and greens, whites, and browns…shoes that is. And it drives me crazy. My children are too little to put their shoes away every time they use them. Throwing them in a bucket would likely be fun! And for the older members (ahem, you know who you are) this would make quick clean ups a breeze…just toss them in. Don’t worry about arranging them neatly. And it looks so cute with the fun colors! Say goodbye to that mound of shoes by the door! (And now I can sweep and mop behind there!)

Source: Uploaded by user via MyChelle on Pinterest

I tend to shove all of my wrapping paper in one holiday area of my house. When it comes time to wrap (or use a cute gift bag) for a non-holiday present I scramble. Often times just deciding to buy it new. Needless to say there is a surplus of baby shower and birthday present wrapping supplies. If I enlist this method of organizing it, I would know what I have and be able to access it all year long. That makes me feel all spring-cleany inside!

Source: via MyChelle on Pinterest

This one really needs no introduction. Pantry organized like this? B-E-A-utiful.

Source: via MyChelle on Pinterest

The idea behind the linen closet shown below isn’t just about me finding what I actually set out to find, but it is also to provide a spa-like experience to my guests!

Source: via MyChelle on Pinterest

This one is just for me. If you are anything like me, you have many of your finishing touches in a jewelry box, or drawer, or even in the kitchen! With this picture I am inspired to come up with a cute, and easy, way to display my earrings and necklaces in my bathroom. I will remmber to put them on when I get ready and it also looks so eclectic on display! No more piles that I need to sort through and untangle!

What are some of your favorite beautiful Spring to-dos? Have you found any on Pinterest? Follow us and we can share some of those ideas! We would love to follow you back too!