Back in May, we held a special contest in honor of Mother’s Day: We wanted to give three special moms each $500 worth of MyChelle products along with a free consultation with one of our expert estheticians.

The contest was put together as a way to give back to couple fantastic moms—incredible women who have helped to make the world a more beautiful place.

We asked our readers to nominate moms (theirs or ones they knew) who have served those around them, helped to promote a greener lifestyle, and/or otherwise inspired others with their kindness, generosity and spirit.

We received one nomination—from Braedi DeLong, who wrote in to nominate her own mother, Kimlee DeLong.

While we did expect to receive more submissions (c’mon, ladies—where’s the love?), we’ve gotta say—we could not be more pleased with the one we got!

In her incredibly touching and heartfelt letter, Braedi describes a woman who has obviously gone above and beyond her peers in every aspect of her life—a woman who has not only raised and nurtured her own family, but also her community. A woman who helped lower the crime rate in her neighborhood, who cared about eating organic and lowering water consumption before it was trendy, and who actually made improving the lives of those around her a main priority. Her drive to live a nontoxic life and educate others to live a smart and healthy life is down our alley of beliefs.

We encourage you to read Braedi’s full letter below (just click the link below), her mom Kimlee goes beyond the norm and helps bring joy to many peoples life.  We are so, so happy to be able to honor such a beautiful and inspiring woman. She is exactly the type of mom we had in mind when we created our contest.

We love both Braedi and Kimlee – so as a special treat both will receive $500 worth of MyChelle skin care.  We hope that Mom and Daughter team are as excited to receive their $500 worth of MyChelle skin care as we are to give them the gift of beautiful skin!

Click here to read Braedi’s original letter.


By Liana Orenstein