“As cold weather lets forth its dry, frigid wrath, our skin may just be shrinking back in fright. Winter weather requires unique skin attention, and a lot of us are compensating for the weather all wrong.”

Can you relate to this? If so, you may want to read the rest of Beauty High’s “Beauty Mistakes to Avoid This Winter.” It is packed with useful information by a team of renowned skin care experts – which includes our very own Sarah Eggenberger!

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Credit: BeautyHigh.com

MyChelle’s Vice President of Product Development says: “‘A common myth is that in the winter skin is too dry to exfoliate,’ [but the] truth is all skin types need to exfoliate. Part of the reason men age so well is because they shave daily which exfoliates their skin. ‘When we are younger our skin cells turn over every 7-14 days, but as we age that process slows down. Just like the body’s metabolism slows down so does our skin, leading to the dull complexion. Using exfoliating products will regenerate healthy plump cells to create a glowing complexion.'”

 Click here to read the entire article, which goes on to tackle everything from breakouts to bronzer.

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By Liana Orenstein