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MyChelle was founded in 2000, and from the start, we have continuously placed a value on people – our consumers, customers, and employees. In celebration of the company’s 15-year anniversary, we asked our veteran team members to share their thoughts on the past, present, and future of MyChelle.

How does the MyChelle philosophy inspire your work? 

As a licensed Esthetician and current Product Development Brand Manager, I remain inspired by the MyChelle products and our eco-friendly, sustainable business practices. It is one thing to create truly non-toxic, healthy skincare items, but our products are also highly effective and results oriented. You can, in fact, have natural products that really work. I am constantly motivated by our customers who demand, and deserve the best; the feedback we get directly from our loyal fans about the products and the ways we do business plays an important role in my everyday activities here at MyChelle.

– Catie Wiggy, Product Development Brand Manager 

What is your fondest MyChelle memory?

Some of my best MyChelle memories are times the whole company gets together to complete a project. My favorite was the time we gathered, and worked in sync to clean up and create a space behind the building so that we could have a relaxing, outdoor place to enjoy as a team during the summer months.

– Sal Perara, Director of Operations

What excites you about the MyChelle future?

Everything! We have a super talented staff that continues to grow and take MyChelle to new sections, shelves and aisles, new store openings, new channels of distribution, and new countries. I feel very fortunate to play my part in this expansion.

– Ramona Roof, Marketing Director

*MyChelle Anniversary Bonus*

Have something to add? What are a few of your favorite MyChelle things? What do you want to see the company develop/offer in the coming months and years? Post a comment below for a chance to win 3 MyChelle products of choice.

  • Vonney Gonzalez

    I recently purchase a small box with decent portions of sugar scrub, C serum and other great products. My skin looked great within a week! My favorite product is the Perfect C Serum my skin looked refreshed, acne diminished and my boyfriend noticed these changes. I purchased a box for my mom and she is also loving the results and my 17 year old brother who suffers from acne will be getting one from me as well 🙂 Amazing results for the time being I will continue to buy the small sample box because well that is what I can afford at this time but I just wanted to share my great experience with your products!

  • Alli Bowdey

    I drive by your building almost daily- I’ve contemplated just stopping in and waving an SOS flag! I’m 37 and my skin is really starting to look stressed, but it’s pretty sensitive so it’s hard to find the right products that are gentle but effective. I would love some guidance in starting a good skin health regimen!

  • Erica

    Is this still a valid contest? 🙂