Being consistent in your nighttime routine is just as important as your morning one. I often have clients tell me “I am just too tired at night to do anything with my skin” or “I never remember to wash my face before bed.” Well beauties, taking care of your skin at night is key to looking great in the morning.


Throughout the day our skin accumulates free radical damage, environmental aggressors and a whole range of bacteria. Yuck! Don’t sleep in a full day’s worth of toxins, let alone day-old makeup. Removing the dirt and debris from the skin is essential to creating a healthy cell cycle and keeping the skin purified and clean. While we are sleeping, the blood supply to the skin can increase and a number of different metabolic activities take place. This is an ideal time for us to maximize the benefits of good skin care. Here is an easy and quick 5-step MyChelle regimen, for all skin types, that will leave you glowing in the morning:

 Step1: Cleanse with the Apple Brightening Cleanser for 60-90 seconds to help maintain healthy elastin while reviving youthful tone and texture. Belides™ Daisy Flower, Applephenon™ and plant-derived Gallic Acid help brighten the complexion, alleviate discoloration and support skin’s self-repair.

Step 2: Exfoliate (2-3x per week only, not nightly) with the Tropical Skin Smoother, a lushes skin polisher that gently refines the skin for a youthfully soft and vibrant complexion. Ultra-fine Bamboo Stem Powder and 1.6% Lactic Acid release and dissolve dead cell build-up to give dry skin a brighter appearance. Rich in vitamins and minerals, exfoliation also helps ingredients deeply penetrate into the skin.

Step 3: Get your serums going! Designed to saturate your skin with a potent dose of nutrients and bioactive ingredients (they absorb even deeper than moisturizers), MyChelle serums are all about results. For glowing skin, apply 2 pumps of the Apple Brightening Serum to your face, neck and décolleté. This advanced formula combines clinically proven ingredients to rapidly diminish the appearance of discoloration and sun-damage while Apple Plant Stem Cells trigger skin’s natural regenerative process and reduce line depth up to 15% in just 4 weeks. Anti-aging and brightening all in one easy step!

 Step 4: Brighten the eyes! One big complaint is waking up with dark circles and puffiness. Keep your eyes bright with Magnolia Fresh Eyes. A blend of Peptides and Plant Extracts diminish under-eye shadows and puffiness while strengthening the eye area for a well-rested look.

 Step 5: Moisturize with the Revitalizing Night Cream. This nutrient-rich moisturizer works overnight to improve your skin’s radiance and firmness. Containing ChroNOline™ Peptide and Monk’s Pepper, this advanced formula increases hydration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for skin that looks younger.

No matter what, just make sure you are following your regular routine. The products won’t work if you don’t use them. Also, shoot for a full 8 hours of beauty sleep every night, which is a huge factor in looking and feeling your best.


AskOurEstyCatie Wiggy is the Director of Education for MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 13 years as a makeup artist, brand educator, manager, innovator and licensed esthetician. She holds several certifications in esthetics and has hands-on experience with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, acne management and anti-aging treatments.

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