Q. How should my skincare routine change from winter to spring?

The days are getting warmer and the delicate aroma of flowers and fresh green grass has started filling the air. That’s right beauties, spring is here! With the seasons changing, now is also a good time to make important changes to your skin care routine. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spring clean your skin care routine.

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The most common skin concern during the cold winter months is dryness, and the skin is in need of deep hydration and inflammation relief. As spring greets us with sunnier days and warmer temperatures, our skin’s needs change. Here are five things to do differently for your skin this spring (Plus, all of the items mentioned in this post are on sale. Shop now at http://bit.ly/1p2bU96.)

1. Out with the old and in with the new! Recycle and phase out any cosmetics or skincare products that you haven’t used in the past three months. If there’s a cream you slather on in winter and just a bit remains in the bottle or jar, use what’s left to moisturize your hands and feet; but go ahead and transition to a lighter, season-appropriate cream for your face.

2. Make a list of what your skincare goals are then create a shopping list for what items you need to replace or add to your spring routine. Spring is a great time to add in anti-aging serums like NoTox™ Anti-Wrinkle Serum or an enzymatic exfoliator like our Fruit Fiesta Peel, and of course sun protection!

3. Give your skin a daily dose of nutrients with the Perfect C Serum which floods the skin with 17% L-ascorbic acid, a very high antioxidant dose that strengthens collagen, assists in brightening, provides anti-wrinkle effects, smooths skin texture, heals wounds and prevents scarring.130_DDC_SPF17_1.2_Jar

4. Lighten-up with a balanced moisturizer that includes an SPF. My pick for this spring is the Daily Defense SPF 17 because the nourishing ingredients combine with zinc oxide to hydrate and protect in one step! Astaxanthin, from Hawaiian microalgae, reduces appearance of fine lines, and beta-glucan helps skin retain moisture.

5. Give your skin a healthy glow with our gentle exfoliating Fruit Enzyme Scrub. Its Jojoba Beads and refined Bamboo Stem Powder gently polish the skin, removing dead skin build-up and debris from the winter and leaving skin clear, smooth and beautiful!