There is something about the warmer summer months that bring out a glow in all of us, or is that just sweat? All jokes aside, looking great this summer and achieving an effortless summer glow is easy, simply try one or all of these tricks:
Buff, scrub and polish
Nothing kills a good glow like dead skin cells. To brighten and revive the skin, give it a nice exfoliation session with our Fruit Enzyme Scrub. Dual skin polishers and dissolving enzymes quickly exfoliate dead skin cell build-up and unwanted debris in pores. Super-smooth Jojoba beads and refined Bamboo Stem powder gently polish the skin without irritating or tearing the surface, while fruit enzymes dissolve dulling residues. Use all over from head to toe to reveal ultra-smooth, ultra-soft skin.
Slather on the sunless
Now that your skin is soft and smooth, grab a bottle of Del Sol Sunless Tanner and enjoy the look of beautifully bronzed skin without the damaging UV rays from the sun or tanning beds. Natural sugars from beets, sugar cane and other plants react safely with the skin’s surface to give a natural-looking “tan.” Licorice and Aloe are added to soothe, repair and hydrate for skin that stays youthfully glowing. Apply as much or as little as you’d like for the right depth and darkness you want. Bonus Tip: for a lightly bronzed appearance, mix a small amount with your favorite body lotion to give yourself a boost of color.
Bust out the bronzer
Give those cheeks a kiss of color with the MyChelle Bronze Blush Stick. This easy-to-use, portable mineral makeup blush stick highlights your beautiful features and gives your skin a glowing hint of healthy, natural color. It boasts visible nourishing and therapeutic benefits with casino grape seed and camellia oils. Apply to your cheekbones and anywhere else you want a beautiful, bronze glow. 
Moisturize More
Making sure your skin is regularly moisturized will keep it looking healthy and dewy. Try using Certified Organic coconut oil as your body lotion. You can find great deals on this skin-benefiting oil like the Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil that is 54 fl oz. for just $21.99. Coconut oil can help return moisture to the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used regularly. The nutrients contained in coconut oil will nourish the skin, yet coconut oil is inexpensive and doesn”t contain any toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients.
Coconut oil can be used on your body and even your hair; it makes an excellent conditioner or hair mask/treatment. You can use it as a leave-in hair treatment by applying a teaspoon or more of coconut oil to your ends. For a deeper treatment, emulsify and rub in a tablespoon or more of coconut oil onto your scalp and gently work through to the ends. Put a shower cap on to prevent transfer onto bed linens and leave on overnight. Wake up, shampoo, and be amazed by your glowing, healthy locks and soft, hydrated skin.
Stay Safe
Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30The summer months bring us many additional hours spent playing outside but at the same time soaking up damaging sun rays. Keep your skin safe and your healthy glow intact by guarding your skin daily with sun protection. Try to repair and avert photo-damage brought on by the sun’s aging rays while maintaining protective moisture. ZinClear™ non-opaque Zinc Oxide provides natural protection against both UVA and UVB rays, without harsh chemicals. A blend of Kukui and Macadamia oils combine with Red Algae to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles brought on by environmental stress. Bonus Tip: use Replenishing Solar Defense with a hydrating serum and skip your cream for a lightweight effect.
AskOurEstyCatie Wiggy is the Director of Education for MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 13 years as a makeup artist, brand educator, manager, innovator and licensed esthetician. She holds several certifications in esthetics and has hands-on experience with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, acne management and anti-aging treatments.
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