I don’t know about you, but when those school buses start rolling around town, I think of revamping my routines (and usually my wardrobe, too). This time of year is perfect for starting fresh and getting into new routines even if we aren’t headed back to class ourselves.


One easy way to enhance your skin care routine and see real results is by adding serums into your existing regimen. Here at MyChelle, we think of our serums as skin care masters. No matter your skin type, these highly concentrated and fast penetrating liquids are designed to saturate your skin with a potent dose of nutrients and bioactive ingredients. In fact, serums are absorbed into the skin even deeper than moisturizers. MyChelle serums are all about synergy; they balance oil and hydration while strengthening the skin’s structure, increasing visible firmness, reducing wrinkles, improving cellular communication and giving your skin a boost of youthful vibrancy.

Using serums is simple, after cleansing your skin you can start applying your serums. A small amount goes a long way, so always start with less and use more if needed. You can even layer multiple serums onto your skin to achieve the results you want. Here are some ideal serums for different ages; let’s find the perfect MyChelle serum to meet your skin’s needs!5354041(1)

Teens and Twenties

Through your early teen years and into your twenties, balancing your skin’s oil production can be tricky; and let’s face it, breakouts are common for this age range.  Incorporate Clear Skin Serum into your daily routine to keep your skin blemish- and shine-free. This potent formula minimizes surface shine while improving the clarity of oily and blemish-prone skin. Retinol resurfaces skin and clears pore-blocking debris while Montmorillonite clay detoxifies and absorbs excess oil. Totarol™, a botanically-derived antibacterial, and B Vitamins assist in the growth and repair of skin tissues. Use daily or as needed.


Young adults, listen up! Our skin starts aging quickly and now is an ideal time to start using anti-aging products in your skin care routine. One of the best anti-aging items you can use is Vitamin C. Humans do not produce Vitamin C and therefore incorporating it into your diet and topically into your skin care regimen is crucial.

Start your anti-aging off right by adding Perfect C Serum into your morning routine.  Our advanced formula protects skin’s health while combating the signs of aging. A potent 17% dose of clinically proven L-Ascorbic Acid helps to strengthen collagen and improve skin texture. L-Ergothioneine boosts cellular energy and helps interrupt the stress reaction that destroys elastin. Buddleja Plant Stem Cell protects against photo-damage and oxidative stress through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. To use, apply two pumps after cleansing. When layering serums, always use Perfect C Serum first.


At this point in life you may start noticing crow’s feet turning into wrinkles, the oil production that once drove you nuts is now non-existent, and out of nowhere there is dryness causing your youthful glow to diminish. As we age, our cell turnover slows down considerably so now is an ideal time to help support and boost your natural cellular turnover.

Incorporate Remarkable Retinal Serum into your nightly skincare routine to help increase healthy cell production. This powerhouse serum contains a form of Vitamin A (scientifically known as Retinaldehyde, but commercially called Retinal) that is created through a patented 4-step process making it less irritating, more stable and 500 times more effective than other forms of Vitamin A available in skin care products. Our new Remarkable Retinal Serum combines Retinaldehyde with Citrustem® Orange Plant Stem Cells, which increase cellular communication and skin’s elasticity for a silky and smooth feel. We also included Ceramide 3, an ingredient that is identical to the ceramide found in human skin and increases long-term hydration by creating a lipid barrier that protects skin from external pollutants. Apply 1-2 pumps on clean skin in the evening, and for maximum results, wait 30 minutes before following with a nourishing cream.  This allows the Retinal to activate within the skin, giving you ever better results. Just keep in mind, this product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so use sunscreen daily.


There are many things that affect how your skin ages—everything from your genes to your daily habits and surrounding environment.  Without a doubt, the best strategy against fine lines, wrinkles and dull, aging skin is prevention—regardless of your age.  A restorative, healing, nutrient-dense skin care regimen will help prevent and correct the adverse effects of aging; so make sure you are giving your skin the TLC it needs to look its best.

By using Peptide+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum, you can reduce the look of aging with a comprehensive, nourishing approach–firm, hydrate and smooth. We have created a peptide blend tailored to improve cell function; this increases firmness and decreases the look of wrinkles. Lipids and Hyaluronic Acid increase moisture retention for long-lasting hydration. Argan Plant Stem Cells and Crocus Chrysanthus stimulate collagen and elastin production to smooth skin’s texture. For a wonderful at home treatment, you can apply this serum under your favorite MyChelle mask to give your skin an anti-aging boost.


During these years, age spots (hyperpigmentation), a loss of firmness and deep-set wrinkles can feel like they are coming out of nowhere. The skin accumulates damage as we age and that starts making its appearance on our skin’s surface right about now. Daily sun protection is key in protecting against increased sun damage, and exfoliation, deep hydration and restorative nutrients can also help revive the skin.

Keep your skin tone even and glowing with Apple Brightening Serum.  Our advanced formula combines clinically proven ingredients to rapidly diminish the appearance of discoloration and sun damage. Apple Plant Stem Cells trigger skin’s natural regenerative process while reducing line depth up to 15% in just 4 weeks. Breakthrough peptide Melanostatine®5 interrupts the reaction that causes hyperpigmentation and delivers a 33% improvement in skin’s tone and clarity. This serum is perfect because it offers dual benefits, anti-aging and brightening all in one. For radiantly beautiful skin, apply two pumps after cleansing and for best results, use the entire Apple Brightening series.

Sixties, Seventies, and Beyond

One of the struggles with our skin as we age is keeping the deep layers of the skin hydrated. The dryness can be so challenging because the drier the skin, the more noticeable the wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity. Regular exfoliation, deep hydration and restorative nutrients can all help bring dry skin back to its plump, natural radiance.

Give your skin a major boost in moisture with Serious Hyaluronic Firming Serum. This serum is designed to firm and tighten the skin while Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s moisture reserves. Cell-renewing Copper Mineral has been shown to tighten skin, improve elasticity and stimulate collagen synthesis. Proline, an amino acid, improves moisture retention and aids tissue repair and Superoxide Dismutase inhibits the free radical reaction that causes cell damage. Use morning and night to restore and replenish the skin.

Anyone can add serums into their routine to enhance their results. Serums can be mixed and matched and even layered onto the skin so you can achieve all of your skin goals. Regardless of age, just remember the first step in maintaining healthy, youthful skin is simple: sun protection. Slather on that sunscreen after your serums, friend!


Catie bio pic june 2014Catie Wiggy is the Director of Education for MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 13 years as a makeup artist, brand educator, manager, innovator and licensed esthetician. She holds several certifications in esthetics and has hands-on experience with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, acne management and anti-aging treatments.

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