We all know that men and women are very different creatures, right? From our physiology to our communication styles, men and women just happen to be totally different. And somehow, in the grand scheme of things, guys lucked out and have some really great things happening in their DNA – because guess what? Men actually age slower than women! It’s true. Besides facial hair, there are fundamental differences between men’s and women’s skin. The biggest is due to the male sex hormones known as androgens, which cause an increase in skin thickness. Men’s skin is about 20 percent thicker than women’s skin.

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In addition to their skin being thicker, men also have a higher collagen density than women do. Collagen content is directly linked to the signs of skin aging, and when we age, production of collagen begins to slow down and cell structures start to lose their strength. Because men have a higher collagen density, their skin can appear younger then that of a woman the same age. This is why many men tend to age so gracefully without as many deep-set wrinkles and fine lines as women. Lucky ducks!

Guys also tend to naturally exfoliate more than women due to shaving their facial hair. Shaving is a physical form of exfoliation, and when sloughing off dead skin cell, you’re keeping your skin vibrant and youthful through cellular turnover. Listen up, fellas: even though you’re shaving, remember to exfoliate key areas like the nose, cheek and forehead with a great exfoliator like MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub. Dual skin polishers and dissolving enzymes gently exfoliate to smooth and clarify the skin. Men should incorporate a good exfoliation treatment into their regimen to help avoid ingrown hairs often caused by shaving.

Everyone—men and women—should exfoliate with a treatment two to three times per week to keep the texture and appearance of the skin looking great. Ladies, don’t miss out on the daily cellular turnover guys get from shaving. Try something like MyChelle Vitamin A Plus Serum to enhance your daily cellular turnover. Vitamin A can help address all types of different skin concerns. It’s a stellar assistant in treating acne because it retextures and removes dead skin cells. Plus, it’s great for building up collagen and elastin. In no time, this stuff will accelerate cellular turnover and give you a clear, youthful, even-toned complexion.

Let’s face it, some men just aren’t as savvy as women when it comes to using or even purchasing skin care products. Oftentimes, guys forgo sunscreen and are slack in their skin care routines. Not being consistent can lead to clogged pores as well as dirt and debris residing in the skin. UV damage from the sun can add years to the appearance of a man’s skin and void the benefit of slowed intrinsic aging.

Life is complicated enough, which is why we’re totally keen on keeping skin care simple. So we’ve created a wide variety of delicious smelling, awesomely effective, expert recommended products for both men and women that take just 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night—we call it the 3-by-3. Caution: these beauty rituals may be habit-forming.

Good Morning, Beautiful

Minute 1: Gently clean your face with one of our cleansers to wake up your skin and create a clean slate for the nourishment to come. (Men tend to choose our Fruit Enzyme Cleanser for removing surface debris, while women love the Apple Brightening Cleanser – which is great for brightening the skin.)

Minute 2: Nourish your way to a great start every day with our power-packed serums, refreshing mists, and luxurious creams. (Guys can’t get enough of the Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum, a lightweight yet powerful moisturizing serum. The ladies love the Perfect C Serum, which is just like a multi-vitamin for the skin!)

Minute 3: Protect your skin with our chemical-free, reef-safe, mineral-based sun defense products that show UVA and UVB rays who’s boss. (Both men and women are huge fans of the MyChelle Daily Defense SPF 17. Nourishing ingredients combine with zinc oxide to hydrate and protect in one step.)

Good Night, Beautiful

Minute 1: Cleanse away the dirt and stress of the day with one of our refreshing cleansers.

Minute 2: Once a week, treat your skin to one of our highly effective treatments; these include delicate peels, masks and scrubs. Apply one in less than a minute and then soak up the benefits while you tackle another chore before rinsing. (Fellas keep the Fruit Enzyme Scrub in the shower and get a deep cleanse every week. Ladies, our age-defense Fruit Fiesta Peel is a top pick because of its potent alpha hydroxy-acids and age-defying antioxidants.)

Minute 3: Use our serums and creams to finish off your night and load your skin up with hydration and rich botanicals. (Both men and women love the Supreme Polypeptide Cream—a nutrient-rich recontouring cream that lifts and retextures skin for a more refined, youthful appearance. Matrixyl® synthe’6™ reduces wrinkle volume by 21 percent and wrinkle depth by 19 percent in eight weeks.)

When it comes to skin care, regardless of sex, everyone is different and unique. Both men and women should be proactive with the health of their skin. Follow the daily basics of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun. MyChelle has cultivated a diverse line suitable for all skin types, men and women, young or old. With science on our side, MyChelle products are jam-packed with clinically proven bioactive ingredients to ensure their performance exceeds your expectations. Seriously, our ingredients and our products don’t mess around.


thumbnail-2Catie Wiggy is Innovative Programs Manager for MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 10 years as a makeup artist and licensed esthetician. She holds several certifications in esthetics and has hands-on experience with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, acne management and anti-aging treatments.